Music is an invaluable gift for a person and plays an important role in everyone’s life. It is it that gives birth to feelings, emotions in human souls, which paint life with bright and precious colors. Everyone at this or that moment in life has their own preferences in music. This is due to character, situation, mood and some events. Among the many musical styles, there are special areas that can create the perfect mood. One of them is country music.

The origins of the style
The USA has become the homeland of country music. The style began to emerge at the end of the 19th century and was finally formed by the beginning of the 20th century. Folk music and author’s songs became the sources of the origin of the style. The first country performers were settlers-colonists from Europe, so the original sound of such works was somewhat unusual.

In literal translation, the name of the style sounds like “rural, country”. It was the agricultural and mountainous regions of America, such as Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, that kept the country traditions intact for a long time.

It was some kind of territorial isolation and the inability to communicate closely with other regions of the country that contributed to the development of original culture and its own traditions. Songs and dances made up for the lack of education, communication with other regions, which allowed the inhabitants to preserve in the original and primordial form of a special country style in spirit and nature.

As a separate musical genre, recognizable by the first notes, country style was defined by the early 20th century, but there are historical facts that prove that the early period of style can be attributed to the 17th century. Every nation that settled in the Americas brought with it some of its traditions, including music. Thus, in the interweaving of different folk cultures, a spiritual and original country style was born. It was multinationality, originality, rhythm, simple and close to each word that resonated in the hearts of listeners.

Formation and popularization
Technical progress, the active development of which was characterized by the period of early 20th century, played an important role in the formation of country as a separate genre. It was the emergence of radio, or hillbilli, as it was then called, that gave the style wide popularity. Many unknown but talented performers had a unique opportunity to be heard throughout the country. On the radio listeners did not want heavy music, so a simple, rhythmic, musical composition in a somewhat original folk style was to the liking of many.