John Denver is cool. I just got done arguing with some jackass who tried to tell me John Denver was for “old people” and “sissies”. Guess I’m old and wearing a skirt, cause J.D. was a genius. And a Fort Worth native. Guess that other guy needs to be hit over the head with double bass drums and chainsaw-thru-metal guitars to feel manly. If there is any doubt, go listen to “Laeving on a Jet Plane”. You’ll be sucked in by its greatness. Just leave John Denver alone. I won’t make fun of Nickelback or Puddle of Mudd or Seether just to be fair. Okay, deal. Later.


Be sure to sign up for the e-mail list. I plan on sending out new songs as soon as they’re completed, so get in now and be among the first to experience the new “hits”. Also, if anyone cares about what I’m digging into these days, I’m gonna give you some songs that are being spun by me on a regular basis. Songs that give me that good-time sweat your face off summer vibe. They are, in no particular order:
1. “Sweet and Low-Augustana
Great pop-rock band from San Diego. This song is so catchy it drives me further insane.
2. “All in my Head”- Shawn Mullins
Great song from an underappreciated writer. On his new album, “Honeydew”.
3. “If You Need a Reason”- Mason Jennings
This guy is awesome. From Minneapolis. Writes some of the most hauntingly beautiful tunes I’ve heard in years.
4. “My Morning Scene”- Jonah Smith
Great roots/soul guy from Brooklyn. This song is the best way to start off any day. That and many milligrams of caffeine.
5. “Back to Jackson”- Jason Eady
A friend of mine down in Austin. Try to listen to this song only once. I dare you. It’s that good.
6. “Gasoline”- Greg Schroeder
One of my best friends. I’d put this song on this list even if I’d never met him.
7. “Fool”- Greg Schroeder
See above.
8. “Look Out Any Window”- Bruce Hornsby
An all-time favortie. This song, as his others, holds up years later.
9. “Mandolin Rain”- Bruce Hornsby
One of my favorites from high school. Heard it again the other day and immediately went back to the James River in Virginia, with some Boone’s Farm and some buddies, trying to figure out why chicks didn’t dig us. That’s what a great song does; it immediately takes you somewhere else. Felt good being sixteen again for a while.
10. “These Were the Days”- Will Hoge
Great rock & roll from this Nashville guy.
11. “Worry Too Much”- Buddy Miller
A true legend. Listening to Buddy Miller makes me feel like I suck. I probably do. But his stuff sounds so good to me.
12. “Love You Again”- John Hiatt
A new one from another hero of mine. He is the king for wannabes like myself. Got more great songs than Britney Spears has meltdowns. Seriously.

AND STUFF – JUNE 3, 2008

Vacation will be here soon…looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. Been recording some good stuff with various producers, including a reuinion session with Doc Wesson and Curtis Tilton, the brains behind my debut record. Other than that, been doing lots of private shows and some stuff close to home. Who wants to tour when gas is a million dollars an ounce? I can run the vehicle on premium vodka cheaper than on gas. Might try it. Maybe it can work. Got a lot to look forward to as far as new materail coming out. Meanwhile, stay tuned and download the free stuff.


I’m heading into the studio to cut a new one, “Maybe Tonight”. The demo has been getting good feedback from the myspace page, so hopefully the “real” version won’t let anyone down. I’m looking forward to getting it out there for your free consumption. “This Time Next Year” will also be cut in the coming weeks. We’ve been playing it live for several months now, so hopefully some folks will recognize the studio version. I’ll be doing that one with Phil Pritchett at Trinidad Worldwide Recording. Looking forward to getting some of the old band together to work it. Got a few more ready to record, just a matter of time until they’re up and ready. Hope you enjoy the new stuff posted and the stuff to come. Also, sign up for the e-mail list. That way I can e-mail you new mp3s. How easy is that? See you out there…

NEW SONGS! – MAY 13, 2008

New songs released today:
1. This Town (electric full band version)
2. Boulevard (electric full band version)
3. God Save the King (cover of a classic Phil Pritchett song)
4. Long Way to Memphis (previously unreleased original)
I’m busy writing and recording new stuff right now. If you notice, there are two previously unreleased songs and two new versions of “Boulevard” and “This Town” on the free download page, ready for you to consume at no cost. The September Sessions EP CDs have sold out, so for now it will be avialable for free download as well. I’ll be releasing the new songs one by one on this page. Most of them will be available for free download until another new song is ready, then they will go to the iTunes store. I like putting out a little at a time more often. Wating a year or longer between releases sucks for you and me. I want to get it out and have it in your iPod ASAP. As far as any full albums on actual CDs are concerned, I don’t have any plans right now to release new music in that format. Maybe the singles released to the website will be collected for an actual album down the road, but who knows. It’s fun getting stuff to you while it’s fresh. I’ll keep updating the site as the new stuff rolls in. Keep checking for the tunes and trade them with your friends. I’m about spreading the word and making this fun for us all without having to follow any “rules of the business”. See you out there and talk to you soon…